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    Welcome to my site and to the Southern Oregon coast, my name is John Anderson, Founder of Memory Makers Guide Service, this is where I have been fishing for Salmon and Steelhead since 1988 and have been blessed to make Gold Beach, Oregon, the mouth of the Rogue River, my home.

    Come and fish for Salmon and Steelhead on the rivers of the southern Oregon coast with Memory Makers Rogue River Guide Service and make happy memories for a life time.

    I fish three primary rivers: the lower Rogue River in Gold Beach, the Coquille River in Bandon, and the Coos River in Coos Bay/North Bend. When you fish with me, we’ll fish whichever river is having the best runs of Salmon at the time. However, your choice always come first, as my goal is to please you with the best adventure possible.

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    Client Stories

    On July 30th and 31st, 2009, Don and Susan Gruener along with their daughter-in-law and two grandkids did some salmon fishing on the Rogue River at Gold Beach to celebrate Don’s 60th birthday. The two days of fishing proved to be red hot with five-year-old Clay Smith winning the biggest fish of the trip award when he caught his first salmon ever, a 38-pounder (with a little help from dad, Aaron Smith). Ten-year-old Clara Smith fought and landed a very respectable 30-pounder her first salmon also.

    All told between the one and a half days of trolling the bay and with the help of John Anderson, Memory Maker Guide Service, the five family members that fished landed a total of 208 pounds of hot and hard fighting salmon.

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Rogue River Fishing

Fishing Report for August 12, 2014

Fishing on the Rogue has definitely picked up. There’s anywhere from 100 fish to the next day 50 fish, but most all boats are getting one to two fish and some three fish or more. There’s 25 pound wild fish. Like he was 40 wish you were here to enjoy the fun.

Fishing Report for August 07, 2014

The Rogue is producing some really nice fish right now. Nothing can be than can be this 26 pounder which fought like a 36 pounder lon the line. We had 3 more bites that didn’t hook up for us today and saw 30 or 35 out there. One hooked in a half day trip for […]

Fishing Report for July 21, 2014

Dominick’s first salmon and fought it like a pro.  If he was ever in a youth tournament, he’d be my first pick.  There are fish jumping every where.  The biting is slower than we like but should pick up.  I’m still at a one fish per person per trip.

Coos River Fishing

Making Boat Repairs – Back for Steelhead Last of December or Early of January

Just want to let you know we’re upgrading our boat.  We’ll be out of the water until late December or the early part of January.  Plan to contact us.  We’ll have a warm cabin with a hot breakfast and plenty of Steelhead.  Great memories ahead!

Fishing on the Coos River – September 15, 2013

Today we were on the Coos. By 9:45 we had 4 to the boat but 1 came off before I could net it . We fish for several more hours but it was high slack & my crew got tired quit be for the fish came back on the bite.

3 Days – 3 River Special Fishing Report – Day Three

Day three we landed 6 adult but 3 were wild silvers and 1 wild Jack silver and had 6 or 7 bites that didn’t hook up.  Still had a great time.               Julie’s big fish of the day!

Oregon Salmon Fishing

Fishing Report for August 24, 2014

                                                  The Umpqua is loaded with big fish!  Let’s go fishing.  I have openings. 

Fishing Report for August 23, 2014

The Umpqua is loaded with big fish Thur I was 2 out of 10 bites, had 2 leaders brake and in 12 years of guiding I have never had that happen.  Today I had my friend call to say he was 2 out 6 with 32lb and 41lb.  I had really great people with me Thur […]

Fishing Report for August 18, 2014

It was another great day on the Umpqua we landed 3 out of 7 bites .  Wish you were here to share the fun hope.  We had a good day!