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    Welcome to my site and to the Southern Oregon coast, my name is John Anderson, Founder of Memory Makers Guide Service, this is where I have been fishing for Salmon and Steelhead since 1988 and have been blessed to make Gold Beach, Oregon, the mouth of the Rogue River, my home.

    Come and fish for Salmon and Steelhead on the rivers of the southern Oregon coast with Memory Makers Rogue River Guide Service and make happy memories for a life time.

    I fish three primary rivers: the lower Rogue River in Gold Beach, the Coquille River in Bandon, and the Coos River in Coos Bay/North Bend. When you fish with me, we’ll fish whichever river is having the best runs of Salmon at the time. However, your choice always come first, as my goal is to please you with the best adventure possible.

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    Client Stories

    On July 30th and 31st, 2009, Don and Susan Gruener along with their daughter-in-law and two grandkids did some salmon fishing on the Rogue River at Gold Beach to celebrate Don’s 60th birthday. The two days of fishing proved to be red hot with five-year-old Clay Smith winning the biggest fish of the trip award when he caught his first salmon ever, a 38-pounder (with a little help from dad, Aaron Smith). Ten-year-old Clara Smith fought and landed a very respectable 30-pounder her first salmon also.

    All told between the one and a half days of trolling the bay and with the help of John Anderson, Memory Maker Guide Service, the five family members that fished landed a total of 208 pounds of hot and hard fighting salmon.

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Rogue River Fishing

Fishing Report for July 30, 2015

I had another blessed day on the Rogue.  We had fish ranging from 23 lb to 30 lb in 6 1/2 hrs. They had to drive to the valley.  The Rogue is still the best river for fishing on the Southern Oregon Coast.  The Umpqua is just starting to get going.  As soon as the fishing is out on […]

Fishing Report for July 26, 2015

Today was a slow day on the Rogue.  We were blessed to have a 21lb. jack and a perch.  Still put me at 1 fish per person if we count Jacks.  Had low pressure move over us today and I think that is what shut them down.  They were rolling all over, 100s possibly 1000s […]

Fishing Report for July 24, 2015

Today I had a 1/2 day trip and we landed these 2 fish, 1 was 30lb and 1 16lb here on the Rogue.  It was a beautiful day with lots of memory making that I would love to share with you. Photo of the week. Photos from today. A picture says it all.  

Coos River Fishing

Fishing Report for October 01, 2014

  Coos and Coquille today.   Got 1 adult and 3 Jacks on Coos in morning.  Jumped to the Coquille after noon and picked up 2 adult and 1 Jack. Coos 9/28/14 Coos 9/30/14  

Fishing Report for September 29, 2014

Today on the Coos we had 17 bites and landed 11 fish.  One was upper 30s if not 40 and we had 3 mid 20s.  Yesterday we landed 4 mid 20s, 1 Jack and had 3 at the boat and they came off.  We are having a blast!   How do you like this hog from the Coos today!

Fishing Report for September 17, 2014

It has been a fantastic week on the Coos!  We have landed 37 finish in 4 days.  Today we had a triple of mid 20 pounds.  We’re having a blast and wish you were here to enjoy it with us.  I have two days open next week and one the following week.

Oregon Salmon Fishing

Fishing Report for August 21, 2015

Pete drove over last night for his annual fish trip. We were blessed and able to take him out by noon.  Not bad for an 80 year old gentleman.  He FOUGHT those fish like a pro.  It is fun to see the joy on the faces, weather they are 80 or 8.  That what makes my job so […]

Fishing Report for August 19, 2015

Another blessed day on the Umpqua!  Come join us.

Fishing Report for August 16,2015

Done and off the water by 11:30am with 5 out of 6 here on the Umpqua today.  It was another blessed day.  Had my first double today.  When I put in it was foggy hadn’t gone 150 yards and pow a rod goes down I started reeling my rod in and about 20 feet from the back […]