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Fishing Report for Sunday, February 21, 2010

February 24, 2010 | By

This last week, the Rogue started out on fire from the rains that dropped over the weekend. I did a couple of trips in the middle of the week. We started at daylight and we had our first fish by seven-fifteen and our second was caught around nine. Then the sun came onto the water and the bite just stopped. Now if someone could hand out sunglasses to the fish so they could continue to run in bright light, we could catch fish all day long! But until then, we have to pray for cloud cover or rain for midday bites.

At two forty-five the fog rolled in and started to blotch the sunlight. By three o’clock our center rod went down with a nice hatchery fish. We decided to quit at four o’clock so I picked up our outside rod and started to reel it in. That’s when the inside rod went slamming down to the water with a 31 and 1/2 inch chrome bright male! What a way to finish out a day!

The following day, the river had dropped about a foot and was starting to clear enough that you could see the bottom. I only had a few hours to fish because we had to quit at nine-thirty. By seven we landed our first fish, a wild male that we released. We had another one within a half hour, but when it got to the side of the boat, it turned, made a run and came off. After that we had one other take down that didn’t stick.

The river is still producing one or two fish early in the morning, before the light gets on the water. After the light comes out, it gets pretty hard to find them. But don’t get discouraged because we have rain on the way! If the national weather service has it called right, the river will be back in shape by Wednesday or Thursday. So about Wednesday or Thursday you better be getting on the river to see if you might be the lucky one to catch the first Springer or big Steelhead. February totals so far include 95 bites, 55 landed in a total of 18 trips.

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Fishing Report for Sunday, February 14, 2010

February 16, 2010 | By

Thank you for logging in to our weekly fish report. This year the Rogue has been extremely good to me. In the month of January I did 7 trips, had 47 bites and landed 27. That’s an average of 3 fish per trip! February is shaping up to be even better. So far, I’ve done 7 trips, had 39 bites, and landed 23. Of those, 13 were wild and 10 were hatchery.

The water conditions are absolutely perfect.  Although on my fish trip today, I was starting to get a little worried. We started at daylight and didn’t get our first fish until 9 o’clock. It had rained two inches on Thursday and one inch last night. The river had risen up two feet from the conditions on the Thursday trip and was still on the rise. About 11 o’clock the rain let up and the sky started to brighten up a bit. That brightness moved the fish out right to where I was sitting. We hooked four fish in an hour and fifteen minutes. It made for a perfect day. Our first fish bit a silver and orange wiggle wart but by 11 o’clock they switched over and seemed to prefer gold and black.

Remember, don’t be afraid to keep changing plugs till you find the color they like the best. Success in fishing is when preparedness meets opportunity. If you want to learn all the trade secrets, then come fishing with me.

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