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Fishing Report for Sunday, July 25, 2010

July 25, 2010 | By

Thank you for logging in for this week’s report.  The fishing was extremely good; a lot of the boats had 2 and 3 fish per boat. The last few days the bite has slowed down to 10-12 fish a day. On Thursday, I had a couple out and got them a 35 pound-er. I had the same couple for a Friday trip and we picked up a 31 pound-er. Lately, the fish moved out of the bay and out to the ocean. Saturday and today, the numbers have been extremely low with only between 15 and 20  caught both days.

Jeff & Stephanie from Reno, NV with their 35-pound salmon.

There were a lot of us guides that were skunked today that normally don’t get skunked. But normally we make up for it in a  fury the next day, so don’t hesitate because those fish will be back in later today or tomorrow . We’re ready for them and if you want to make sure you bring home some fish, it’s a good idea to spend at least two days fishing as you normally never get skunked two days in a row. ODF&W says we’re going to have a good run of 5-year old fish and my last two catches were 31 & 35 lbs, so I definitely believe them.

They should be showing up any day and I still have openings from Mid August to September, right in the early beginnings of a good bite. The month of July can be spotty, so this is nothing unusual.The loner the season lasts, the bigger the fish get and it wouldn’t surprise me at all if Doug McGrath doesn’t catch my record fish this year since he’s one of the luckiest guys I’ve ever fished. He fished last October and if he fishes again this Fall, he’s liable to put a 50-lber . The current boat record for largest fish is 48-lbs, set by an 11 year old. You just might be the next record holder, so call Memory Makers Rogue River Guide Service at  541-425-1515 and let us put a trip together for you.

Your Guide


Fish Report for Sunday, July 18, 2010

July 18, 2010 | By

Thank you for logging in. Our fish have finally arrived. On Friday there was 25, possibly 35, fish caught out of forty boats. I had a single for the morning, and got him a 28-pounder. This morning, I had the same gentleman and got a 35-pounder.  We saw close to 30 fish caught from eight in the morning until 12:30 in the afternoon, and then they started jumping and boiling all around us and went off the bite for a lttle bit. His wife and son jumpend in for a couple of rounds but by the time they got there the bite was off. They had to leave to go back to northern California at 2:00, so we missed the evening bite.

Out of the 30 fish we saw hooked today, I would say 50-60 percent were over 30 pounds. Saturday had a good bite too, as there was at least 30-40 fish picked up. In fact, I would say that the last 3 day the average overall fish weight is 29-32 pounds. Most of them are 25-plus and there are a lot of mid-30’s being picked up right now. The big one for today was 38 pounds.

35 lbs caught July 18, 2010

So don’t wait to start planning a vacation to hook one of these big boys. Last week the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife said in the paper that they are expecting a large return of 5-year old fish this fall. We are catching 4-year olds right now; just think what a five year old would be. I’ve had ahold of one this year, and he won the battle and went to sea again. I have seen several people spool already this year and none yet has landed a 5-year old fish to my knowlege. They are there already, but not in the numbers they will be in the up coming weeks.

September is already booking up fast. I only have 10 days open, and four half days. So don’t hesitate to call me at 541-425-1515 and get your days spoken for now because I’d hate to miss an opportunity to put a smile on your face with one of these mosters.

Your Guide,


Fish Report for Sunday, July 11, 2010

July 11, 2010 | By

Fellow fishermen, the fish are finally showing up! Saturday there was 10-12 fish caught. Most good boats had a fish, today I have a friend out that has 3 in the box and a fourth one that took all their line and broke them off. It was just a monster. There’s been probably 15-20 fish caught today out of about 25 boats.

July 11, 2010

Most people quit too early and my friend is an old die-hard. And he’s got two right on the bottom of low tide this evening. So water temperatures are up to 74 degrees, the bay is loaded with bait. The fish are starting to stack in here like cord wood. So it’s time to shake off the dust and come on over and get cooled off and catch a big one! Call 541-425-1515 to book your trip.

Your Guide~


Latest News on this Week’s Fishing Report

July 8, 2010 | By

Good news fellow fishermen! Our water temperature in the bay was up to 69 degrees tonight . . . and the fish are starting to hold. Yesterday there was 3 fish caught in the bay out of 7 boats. Today, there was five fish caught out of 14 boats. I was fortunate enought to be blessed with catching 2 out of the 5. I had the opportunity of taking my son in law fishing for the first time and  he was telling me that he was jinxed and could never catch a fish. Yet, his mother had faith that we could find one for him.

We trolled most of the day without any hookups, but marking a lot of fish on the screen. There is tons of bait in the bay right now. At about 3:30, my good friend Denny Houston gave me a couple of blades to try. I went down past the sandspit and turned and started back when up and down went my rod. It was a hot, hot fish! It took out a 100 yards on its first run and I was beginning to think my drag had backed off a little so I tightened it up slightly while chasing it in reverse, wide open. We finally got it turned and up to the boat, and I could see it was a nice one. We must have fought it 15-20 minutes, it just did not want to come up. We finally got it in the net and on my scales it weighted 32 pounds. At the end of the day, the scales showed 29.25 lb and 16. It’s amazing how they can lose a couple of pounds coming out of the box. Sometimes I swear they lose 5 pounds coming out of the net, but that is a fisherman’s story.

I noticed we were a little below the sandspit so I threw a new bait on, fired up motor, started out and we let out our line. I just set my rod in the rod holder- I don’t think we’d went a hundred feet, maybe two – and it went down again. They always say “every blind hog deserves an acorn once and a while,” but today as few fish as what were being caught, I’d like to think it was mother’s prayers over blind luck.

These are two of the five total fish caught July 8,2010 on the Rogue River.

Fishing should do nothing but improve in the next few days. If you’ve watched our slide show then you’ve seen what kind of fishing July can bring within the next week or two. We have plenty of openings so please call 541-425-1515, and let us make a memory of a lifetime for you! Have a great week.

Your Guide,