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Fish Report for Sunday August 29, 2010

August 29, 2010 | By

Thank you for logging in to this week’s fish report. They opened up Lost Creek Damn which has caused our visibility to go to four feet in the bay. They have to keep pouring so much water into the bay to keep a high volume flow going by Gold Ray Damn where they are removing it in order to help keep the water from turning to mud. The extra water keeps the sediment parts per million mixed to an acceptable level. With this amount of water volume, the fish are not holding in their normal pattern for this time of year.

Several of us went up river and went on anchor today just like we do for springers. We were able to catch fish. Check out the photo below, one happy fisherman.

A smile is worth a thousand words! This 26-pounder was caught August 29

Until they cut back the flows, if you want to have a good time up on anchor catching fish, then come on over. Productivity is very low trolling the bay, until our local hatchery fish or the silvers come in. But you know we’ll do our best to find you a fish one way or another, so give us a call at 541-425-1515.

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Fishing Report for Sunday, August 22, 2010

August 22, 2010 | By

Thanks for logging in for this week’s fish report. Fishing is slowly picking up. We’re averaging a couple of fish every trip lately. The fish are starting to jump all over and that’s a sign showing promise that it will be picking up soon. We have our good days and our off days. Friday there was probably 25 fish or more caught on the Rogue River. On Saturday, there was around 15-16 caught, and we’re back up to mid to upper 20’s today.

31 pounder caught August 2010

Large jack caught August 2010

Thanks again for logging in. I hope you have a good week. Give us a call at 541-425-1515, and we’ll book you a trip. I have a couple days available in August and in early September available for you.

September availability: full days on the 7th, 8th, 10th, & 12th, and I have four half days on the 13-16th. Otherwise, we still have openings in October. So don’t hesitate to catch a memory for a lifetime.

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Thanks Larry!

August 17, 2010 | By

Hello fellow fishing enthusiasts. I’d like to thank Larry Ellis for the article he wrote in Salmon Trout and Steelheader Magazine. I’m probably not worthy of being classified as the number one guide on the Rogue River, but I’m honord that someone would think to include me in the top of their list. So, thanks again Larry. The person I think should be named number one is Denny Houston, for taking the time and effort to help me be a better fisherman.

There’s a lot of great looking fish in the Rogue right now, so grab onto your rods and we’ll do our best to hook you into some of these beauties.

35 pounder caught August 18, 2010

To book a trip, call 541-425-1515 and I’ll do my best to make you a great fishing memory.

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Fishing Report for Sunday, August 15, 2010

August 15, 2010 | By

Hello fellow fishermen, thanks for logging into this week’s fish report. Fishing is steady but slow. There are some very nice salmon are being caught, by don’t expect to hit limits. There’s opportunities to catch one or two of these beauties though, so if you’d like to create a memory of a lifetime, call me at 541-425-1515 to book your trip. Happy fishing, looking forward to seeing you.

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Fishing Report for Sunday, August 8, 2010

August 8, 2010 | By

Hello and thank you for logging into this week’s fish report. If you want to be teased and your heart strings pulled upon all day long, with monsters jumping and splashing all around you, then this is the place to be. In an average day, you’ll probably see 500-1000 fish jump, splash, or roll beside your boat. Unfortunately they are not biting.

We have a decent bite about every other day or two apart, where 40-50 fish will be caught. Then the next day there’s only 15-20 fish caught. There’s no consistency. However, they sure are beauties when you hook them.

Friday was an awesome day; there may have been closer to 60 fish caught. Saturday it was more like 20-25, and today there was probably 15 to 20 landed. We had one on on a spinner that went and got tangled up in 2 lines and by the time we got untangled he manged to get off. We had 5 or 6 other take downs that should have stuck but didn’t. I was trying a new set up today without a front hook. It got slammed four times but we couldn’t get them to stick on it. The fish are here, but it’s a challenge to get them.

We still have plenty of openings for August, so don’t hesitate to call 541-425-1515 and we’ll book you a trip.

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Fishing Report for Sunday, August 1, 2010

August 1, 2010 | By

Hello, and thank you for logging in for this week’s fish report. Fishing has greatly improved this week over last week. I fished Thursday, with a single and got him a  nice 25 pounder. I was asked to help out with a group visiting our area from Salt lake with Denny Houston with his boat, Greg Ebide on another boat, and Steve Fireman on the third boat, and myself on my boat. We had to be done fishing by 12:30 so we started at 7:00. Denny hooked the first fish about ten after eight, a  26-27 pounder; Greg got the second one about 8:30, a 24 pounder; and I got the third one at 9:15, a 37 pounder. There was one other fish caught that morning that I know of. There was probably 30-40 fish caught that evenign in the runoff tide.

37-pounder caught July 29, 2010

On Saturday there was probably 35-40 fish caught, again mainly in the runoff. There was probably a thousand fish jumping out there Saturday. Today there was several thousand fish in the bay, spinnig and jumping and almost jumping in the boat,  but none of them wanted to bite. The water temperature is 74 degrees and only about 12-15 fish were caught today. Yesterday, the temperature was between 70-71 degrees and the salmon bit pretty good. Weather predictions call for cooler temperatures inland this week, which should cool our water off and put the fish back on the bite. There are so many fish out there right now that when you’re loooking across the bay, you can see 2 or 3 fish rolling at just about any given time.

So boy howdy, you better grab onto your rods when that temperature drops! They’re going to be rippin’ them right out of your hands. So give us a call at 541-425-1515, and we’ll do our best to help you catch one of those monsters.

Today a 55 pounder weighed in; the biggest one of the season! The size of the fish is unreal; 30-50 pounders are being caught all the time!

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