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Fishing Report for Sunday, October 24, 2010

October 24, 2010 | By

Hello, and thank you for logging in for this week’s fish report. I spent most of the week on the Coquille and it was good to us. We caught at least three fish each day, except for the last day. I was fishing two gentlemen, and we got two bites. Unfortunately, one guy caught all the fish, but he was kind enough to share a slab of fish with my other client. We had a third bite, the rod went down then the line started to peel off and it popped off.  This happened Friday, and up until about early morning it was sunny and nice.

Around 10:30-11:00 am, the sky started to cloud up and pick up wind and I believe the  barometer dropped because the fish shut off the bite. The storm started to move in by mid-afternoon and we called it a day.

With the 2.5 inches of rain we got this weekend, it pretty much scurried all the local fish we’ve been catching up and out of reach. There still may be decent fishery on the Chetco River,when the rains are a little more solid and established in the first couple of weeks in November.  I also plan to share a tidbit with you on our  blog on about how to save fish flashes when fishing rivers with lots of snags, like the Coquille or Coos. So, be sure to check out next week’s blog.

Thank you again for checking in,

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P.S. Doug McGraff didn’t break the record this year, although he did get an upper 20’s to low 30’s catch. The record this year was set by Jane Dunn, at 37 pounds. See the photo below.

The big fish for the week - 37 pounds

Doug assures me though that he’ll get the biggest steelhead this January or February. So check in, as I’ll be keeping track of all fishing news and and passing it along to you.

Fishing Report for Sunday, October 17, 2010

October 17, 2010 | By

Hi, and thanks for logging in for this week’s fish report. This week on the Rogue River the fishing has been extremely slow, but the Coquille has been extremely good to me. My Wednesday trip on the Coquille, I had three clients and three fish. The big one was 37 pounds.

The big fish for the week - 37 pounds

On Thursday, I had two gentlemen and we caught three fish. I limited one out with a nice 25 and an 18 pounder.

Friday, I had three gentlemen, we had 3 fish on and our big one for the day was 25 pounds  Both guys went home with fish. Today I had 3 gentlemen and three fish again. Unfortunately one of the three fish caught was a wild silver and we only had to throw it back.

Fishing the Coquilee is a nice peaceful,enjoyable day and it is very entertaining watching hundreds of fish jump all day long. Talking with the locals, they say this fishing will continue until we get an inch or two of rain at one time. Then the salmon will move upstream to the higher waters. There is not rain in the forecast to speak of this week, and I’ve still got plenty of availability. So give me a call at 541-425-1515 and see if we can make a memory for you.

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More Photos from the week. . .

Fishing Report for Sunday, October 11, 2010

October 11, 2010 | By

Thank you for logging in. The Rogue River is full of a lot of wild Coho and a few nice big Chinook. This last week, I was able to average one fish per client, but unfortunately most of them had to be thrown back because they were wild Coho. But the Chinooks we got as you can see by the photo are extremely nice. One is 37 pounds, the other is 25.

25 lb Chinook caught October 2010

37 lb Chinook caught October 2010

We’re averaging anywhere from 5-10 bites and landing 2-4 fish per trip. The Indian Creek fish are just now starting to show up, so don’t lose hope. We can probably find you a Chinook or two, either here locally or we can go to the Coquille River. It’s still producing 2-3 fish per day, per boat and they are Chinooks that we can keep.

If you’d like to book a trip, call 541-425-1515. Thank you.

Your Guide


Fishing Report for Sunday, October 3, 2010

October 3, 2010 | By

We are having a good run of Wild Silver Salmon right now. Most of the fishing boats today had anywhere from 8-12 bites, landing from 5-7 fish. Unfortunately, 90% of them were wild silvers, which have to be released.

Fishing on the Coquille and the Coos Rivers is still good, putting smiles on the faces of the fishermen. Our bar has been extremely rough for the last week, and as soon as it lays down we should get a good run of Indian Creek salmon coming in for us to catch and keep.

So give Memory Makers Guide Service a call at 541-425-1515 and see what we can do for you.

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