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Fishing Report for Sunday, January 30, 2011

January 31, 2011 | By

Thanks for logging in for this week’s fish report. On a scale of 1-10, fishing is about a 5-6 right now. The water in the Rogue River is dropping but has plenty of color in it. We’re averaging 5-6 hookups per trip and in most cases we’re landing 2-3 fish per day in the lower river. I’m going to move up a little higher this week, where maybe the fish have had a chance to climatize to the water and perhaps bite a little harder. If you’d like to catch a fish or two, now is a great opportunity so give us a jingle at 541-425-1515 to book your trip.

Towards the end of the month we’re going to get a little more rain, which will warm up the water temperatures. You never know, you might be the one to catch the first Springer. Last year I caught the first springer on March 2 and you might be the lucky one to catch it this year.

Thank you.

Your Guide,


Photos from the week…

Fishing Report for Sunday, January 23, 2010

January 23, 2011 | By

Thanks for checking in for this week’s fish report. The water is still high and colored. As a result, the fish are not following their normal traveling patterns in the water and are scattered all around. Even so, we’re still able to hook 1-2 fish a day in these high conditions, but the fishing should improve this weekend as the water continues to drop. I hope to have a great report for you this weekend.

Your Guide


Fishing report for Sunday, January 16, 2010

January 16, 2011 | By

Hello fishing enthusiasts and thank you for checking in for this week’s fish report. First,I’d like to thank Larry Ellis for the article he wrote in the Saturday edition of the Pilot.  It’s always a pleasure to fish with Larry. He has an opportunity to meet a lot of top notch guides and is a great source of information. I find it very interesting to learn about other guides fishing river systems other than ours. It helps me in my technique and presentation when I am fishing the rivers they guide upon.

The day that Larry was fishing with us, the river was on a fast rise. We only had an inch of rain but it was warm and it fell throughout the whole state. When we started in the morning the river was 4500 cfs. It did not quit climbing until 4 o’clock the next day and reached 13,500 cfs, blowing the river out. Saturday, the mud from Grants Pass turned the river muddy but it dropped two feet. The three and a half inches of rain we got Saturday night and today has now put us back to about the same height again this evening. I don’t know how high it will go tomorrow.

Come Tuesday or Wednesday, we are going to be smacking fish. Always after a freshet, which means fresh scent going out into the ocean for fish to smell. They are so keenly sensitive to scent they can tell which stream they were born in and will return to that stream in the future. The fish can detect the scent of the mud from their stream and start following it up. I always do the best fishing right after a freshet.

I have plenty of openings, so please give me a call at 541-425-1515 and let us book you into a couple of these nice beautiful fish like Larry caught, or bigger! There’s been a number of 15 pounders caught this year and one may have your name on it too. Thanks for logging in.

Your Guide


Larry Ellis with a nice catch he landed on January 13, 2011

Fishing Report for Sunday, January 9, 2011

January 9, 2011 | By

Thank you for checking in. This year is starting out with a bang and the fishing is absolutely fantastic! Wednesday I had a single client, we hooked five and landed three. We had a short day on Thursday and hooked three, landed one. I’ve had friends fishing he same location full days on Friday and Saturday and each day they hooked 5-6 fish.

So don’t hesitate, give us a call at 541-425-151515 and let us help make memories for you.

Nice catch! A 10 pound Steelhead caught 1-5-2011.

Great pair of 8-9 pounders caught the same day!

10 pounder, 8-9 will be coming. Winter Steelhead.