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Fishing Report for Sunday, March 27, 2011

March 27, 2011 | By

Hello fellow fishing enthusiasts, and thanks for logging in for this week’s fish report. The 2011 season is starting out to be a great one. In 3 days fishing this last week, I hooked 10 and landed 7. Last year in the month of March, I went 7 times for 7 fish. We’re already starting out to show a much higher catch ratio this year than last.

Great looking steelhead caught march 24, 2011

I firmly believe that Friday I would have caught fish if I was in the right location. My clients came to town the night before, but failed to call and let me know. I would have gotten on the river a couple of hours before daylight in my favorite spots, and I didn’t thinking they weren’t here.  They called me at 6:00 in the morning and I was still at home. There was already 7 boats on the water in the location I would have chosen.  These clients are great, great people and I hope to get them a fish soon. It is so critical when you’re going with a guide to make sure and let him know that you are there, so he can get the premium spot for you. I feel really bad for not getting fish on Friday and only having one pull down. The location that I had chose had  two fish taken that day.

With all the current rain, the river has blown out for a couple of days. We should be back to fishing Thursday or Friday. Weekends are booking up quick. April is booked, so you need to start thinking about May or early June if you’re looking for a weekend, but weekdays are always better because there is less pressure on the river. Looking forward to serving you. Call 541-425-1515 to get your reservation today.

Your Guide,


Red Hot Alert!

March 24, 2011 | By

Today was the  first day out springer fishing in my boat. The water has been so high and muddy for the last two and a half weeks, it would have been very unproductive to fish in those conditions. We had a fantastic day of fishing with minor set backs due to our wonderful methanol gasoline in my outboards. Fortunately, I was always fairly close to the anchor and was able to get back without too much trouble, but I’ve got that problem fixed. The boat on the outside of me had a take-down at 7:45 am, but unfortunately missed it. At 8 o’clock, my center rod slams down with a 22-pound hatchery. At 8:25, my outside rod goes down with a 27-pound wild fish. At 8:45, the outside boat missed another fish. At 9:25, I caught a 17 pound hatchery. At 11:00, I caught a 20 pound hatchery. At 11:30, my center rod goes down and the outside rod goes down with a 27 pound hatchery. At the same time, the boat on the outside of me  had his outside rod go down. We had three bites at one time between two boats.

March 24, 2011

Great catch! March 24, 2011

Then at 1:00 in the afternoon, my inside rod went down, went screaming across my other two lines and came off. All together I missed 2 and landed 5. What a way to start the season out! At 2:00, the outside boat  went to pick up his outside rod to bring it in for the day, and it got hit but he jerked the rod and lost the fish. Some days just don’t go as planned. Between the 2 boats anchored down in tidal water, there was 11 bites. The boats above us 2, landed one Chinook, lost 2 and landed 3 steelhead.  The bank fisherman up on the corner, landed 6 Chinook. We had fish rolling behind us out in the center of the channel and everywhere today.

Rogue River steelhead, caught with Memory Makers Guide Service

And it’s just the beginning, this will last from now through June. So save up your nickels and give me a call at 541-425-1515, because it doesn’t get any better than this. My clients were limited out by 11:00. Unfortunately I went home empty handed, but the hardest fish for a guide to catch is one for himself! I believe the father just wanted to bless us and gave us a great day.

Thanks for checking in,

Your guide


Fishing Report for Sunday, March 6, 2011

March 6, 2011 | By

Hi and thanks for logging in for this week’s fish report. The river is blown out at the moment, but we’ll be back fishing by Monday or Tuesday for sure. Last week four springer’s were caught. The first springer was caught by Rick Howard on Thursday. That same day he also caught 6 steelhead, proving that the steelhead fishing is still fantastic.

The other three steelhead caught this week on the Rogue River were caught on Friday. With the three inches of rain we got Friday, combined with the inch and half of rain that dropped in Grants Pass, the fishing has temporarily been put out of commission. This should last for the next couple of days, but we’re aiming to post a Springer on the website by the end of the week.

So give us a call at 541-425-1515 to book your next trip, and we’ll help you make a memory.

Thank you

Your guide,