3 Days – 3 River Special!

Fellow anglers, Memory Makers Guide service is offering a September special, starting September 10th.
You’ll be able to sign up to fish 3 of our finest rivers (the Rogue, the Coquille and the Coos) in 3 days for only $200/day. The total price is $600/angler for our 3 River Special and represents an 11% discount over our daily rate of $225. And if you call us at (541) 425-1515 and sign up before June 15th, we’ll give you a free Memory Maker Flasher! Which you can use to catch more fish the rest of your life. 20130515_070041

Here’s the details:
There are Kings and Silvers in all three rivers. The Rogue is a world class fishery. Home of a 71.8 lb King, caught the 2nd week in October. On the Rogue you must release the wild Silvers. On the Coos and Coquille you can keep wild Silvers and Kings.
Here on the Rogue the fish run from 18-30 pounds. And there are some 40s and 50s hooked every year. My best is 48lb, caught in late September. I’m hoping you will be the one to break that record. We will be fishing with anchovies and spinner blades in front of them. We will teach you how to bait and which combination of blades to use, based on weather, water flow, color and temperature. When the Silvers show up in mid-September, we will run Wiggle Worts, Wee-Worts, Flat Fish, Fat Fish and Mag-Lips as well.
The Coquille is a scenic river that flows through beautiful farmlands. It has a good number of Kings that run between 18-35 pounds and a lot of mid 20s. There are also a good run of silvers that range between 12-16lbs and are very tasty.
On the Coquille and Coos we run cut plug herring and BYO flashers. This last year we came up with a special combination on their florescent green blank. I gave one to a customer who fishes the Columbia, 5 rivers in Washington, Puget Sound and the ocean. He said that one flasher out fishes all of his other flashers. We call it the “Memory Maker”. You’ll have to come see how it will work for you.
The Coos is a great fishery. It has two hatcheries. Last year I fished it for 8 days, starting September 9th. We hooked 55 fish and landed 42, and each of those days I only had two clients. The fish run from jacks to upper 20s. A few 30 lbs, with the average being 16-20. There is also a nice run of Silvers that comes in late September through October.
Now if we are having a great time fishing one of these rivers and a report comes in that the next river in succession reports less activity, you have the option to remain on the best performing river. We are here to serve you and want you to make this the best possible experience.
If you not part of a group and booking as a single angler, please give us a call (541) 425-1515 and we’ll do what we can to work you in, because I hate to leave anyone out of our fall 3-day river adventure.
The fishing dates for our 3 Day – 3 River trips are:
Sept 9-12
Sept 15-17
Sept 29, 30 and Oct1
Oct 8-10
Oct 13-15
Remember there to call us at (541) 425-1515 and sign up today.
And if you sign up before June 15th we’ll give you a free Memory Maker Flasher!
Note: There is a 3 person minimum per trip; $600 per person.