Southern Oregon Coast River Fishing

Come and enjoy some of the best fishing you will ever find in the Pacific Northwest.

Rogue River

  • In January for those who are hardy and do not mind getting a little wet, we have drift boat fishing available on the Elk River and the Sixes River for the tail end of the Fall Chinook run and the starting of Winter Steel head. Steel head fishing runs on these rivers from December to the end of March.

  • On the Chetco River there is Winter Steel head from December to the end of February. This type of fishing is also weather related. We have Steel head fishing on the Rogue River from a covered Jet Sled boat. In rainy weather this is quite comfortable with a warm meal and hot drink and a heater so a person doesn’t mind stepping out now and then to reel in a fish or two. This starts in December and runs through the middle of March when we all switch over to our favorite Rogue River Spring Chinook. Spring Chinook start to run in the middle of March and run through June. We fish for Springers with covered Sled boats just like we do with Winter Steel head but with different bait.

  • Springers weigh from 12 to 35 lbs. The average is 23 lbs. July through September we troll the Rogue Bay for Chinook. These fish are usually bigger, weighing 27 lbs. All the way up to 50 lbs. The record for this time frame is 65.5 lbs.

  • From September through October we troll for “big” Fall Chinook and Coho, the Silver Salmon. Chinook weigh from 20 lbs. up to the record weight of 72 lbs. Silver Salmon weigh from 10 lbs. to 25 lbs.

  • In October trolling the Chetco Bay can be very productive. November and December drift boat fishing with flat fish or eggs for bait on the Elk River and the Sixes River or Chetco River can be very rewarding.